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Do you think the new 41 OPs are going to stay above MSRP in the secondary market?

Yes I think they will! The response to them has been outstanding. The red and turquoise blue dials have done especially well and the market has gone crazy for them.

In the flesh they are really striking pieces and there was a need for the OP to be released on a 41 which Rolex have satisfied very well. Overall a great release from Rolex.

How can you get into the watch industry?

The easiest way to get involved is to try and connect buyers to sellers. If you know someone is after a specific watch, message some dealers and see who has it.

Once you know they have it make the sale and make your money. Before you know it you will have built up a good network of buyers and sellers.

You’ll also realise which buyers/sellers are trustworthy and reliable and who are the time wasters.

Always deal with those you trust even if their prices might be a little higher. It’s worth it in the long run.

What to look our for when flipping watches?

The best way to get into selling is to find people who are looking to purchase. Try and source those pieces from resellers or boutiques and facilitate the sale. This is an effective way to build contacts and get them to trust you.

Once you've facilitated a few deals you'll soon know what kind of watches people are looking for. 75% of the time people are after the same models.

Best Rolex to invest in at the moment?

It's hard to narrow down to just one as almost all Rolex watches we sell at Prince of Watches are investment pieces.

A sleeping giant is definitely the platinum Rolex Daytona Ice Blue Baguette Diamond Dial.

I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes a £100k watch in the near future.

Currently the market price for this piece is £75-80k

Best watch for sub £10k

Rolex Stainless Steel Datejust with Blue Dial. 41mm Jubilee bracelet fluted bezel. 5 months ago those were £7.5k and now they’re £9,000 +

Other options include:

  • Rolex GMT Master-II Black Dial (Discontinued)
  • Rolex Submariner Black Dial (Discontinued)
  • Rolex Stainless Steel Datejust Wimbledon dial. 41mm Jubilee bracelet and flutes bezel.
What would you recommend for a £20-30k investment

All these pieces will likely pass the £30k mark in the years to come and some sooner than others:

  • Rolex Daytona Stainless Steel (black or white dial but preferably white).
  • Rolex Sky Dweller Stainless Steel with Blue Dial.
  • AP Royal Oak 15500st Blue Dial.
  • AP Royal Oak 15400st Blue Dial (discontinued)
  • Rolex White Gold Daytona on Oysterflex. Grey Dial.
  • Rolex Rose Gold Daytona on Oysterflex. Chocolate Dial.
How to know which models are good?

Find out from Rolex, Patek, AP which models have a waiting list. Typically anything with a waiting list will be something that sells for a premium. If a watch sells with a premium, rest assured you'll be able to make a sale out of it.

What is currently the best investment timepiece?

At this moment in time most Rolex sports steel models are performing very well.

Daytona, Sky-dweller, Batman, Pepsi, Hulk, Subs.

If you put your money into any of these models you certainly will be selling for more than you bought it for in the years to come.

If you are looking to invest over the £25k mark there is a whole other range of watches that I would recommend. Feel free to get in touch and I can delve into that price bracket also.

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